Our History:

In 2016 DecoPix has launched, after years of practicing Interior Design and Manufacturing Furniture, and due the succeeding of the company founder & director Humam Madarati in establishing the foundations of his company to be a leading one in Interior Design & Manufacturing Furniture exhibiting luxury & modern lifestyle, and with his efforts personally the company started to put new standers in quality in the Middle east.

Our Mission

From the core of the engineering creativity and
reflective of the contemporary art,
DecoPix has started to be the icon of
furnishings and interior design in the Middle
Since its founding, the company has adopted
many of the most important decoration and
furnishing projects in the region.

Our Employee

We have a very good team of very committed
workers and craftsmen who had always fulfilled
our clients expectations through collaboration
and exceptional service we provide on a regular

Our Vision

From a full service interior design company
located in Istanbul to the world, specializing
in both Residential & Commercial Design and
Handcrafted Furniture.
Our authentic craftsmanship and innovation
designs guarantee that every project we
handle is pioneered with ever new
remarkable ideas

Our Value


In every project we deliver to you a design  experience, each piece we craft has the power  of elevating its surroundings, The outcome is a
merge between luxe environment and design.


The most prestigious materials from the highest quality wood, very well chosen fabrics, crystal glass, and precious plated metals are carefully handled. The handmade techniques reflect the full attention and excellence we put into every detail.


We create our designs in a balance between
form & function. From modern to classical environments DecoPix reinvents trends and the
concept of lighting and furniture by creating
fabulous pieces