Our History

In 2016 DecoPix has launched, after years of
practicing Interior Design and Manufacturing
Furniture, and due the succeeding of the
company founder & director Humam Madarati in
establishing the foundations of his company to be
a leading one in Interior Design &
Manufacturing Furniture exhibiting luxury &
modern lifestyle, and with his efforts
personally the company started to put new
standers in quality in the Middle east.

Our Services

Interior Designs

Luxury villas, hotels, clubs, banks, hospitals,
shopping complexes, shops, restaurants and
luxury offices with the highest quality of wood,
suitable for modern tastes that show the
luxury, elegance and beauty of design which
meet the requirements of smart home, smart
idea of lighting, alarm and smart features.

Upscale Decorations

High quality woodworking, integrated interior

furnishings, demand furnishings, interior designs

for villas, private apartments, hotels, resorts,

banks, shops, restaurants and corporate

Manufacturing of Furniture

Manufacturing furniture for houses, hospitals, restaurants, resorts, banks, shops, offices,

companies, clubs, wood flooring according
to demand, smart lighting, tastes and prices
that suit all our customers.

Our projects